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Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Colors

All are outstanding cut flowers and like a well drained fertile soil.

Alstroemeria peruvian lily colors. Provide afternoon shade in hot areas. Borne in loose clusters their 2 in. They are shorter and more compact growing inca lilies that bloom for a long time and are available in a range of colors.

Alstroemeria also known as peruvian parrot or princess lily as well as lily of the incas is an exceptional cutting garden flower in the alstroemeriaceae family. An essential component of many bouquets thanks to their long vase life over 2 weeks peruvian lilies alstroemeria are striking beauties that also deserve a spot outdoors. You can accomplish both of these qualities by improving your soil with an organic amendment.

Peruvian lilies like fertile well drained soil. The stigma has three lobes. Alstroemeria are classified as an inferior monocot meaning the petals are located above the ovary and the leaves are parallel.

Alstroemeria which is also known as a peruvian lily is a flower that comes in many colors. 5 cm exotic blossoms are often streaked or freckled and are available in a fabulous range of colors. There are six curving stamens.

Peruvian lilies flower most abundantly in full sun. Peruvian lily plants alstroemeria also known as lily of the incas are striking late spring or early summer half hardy perennial bloomers that are available in a myriad of colors including pink white orange purple red yellow and salmon. Flowers resemble azaleas and make a beautiful addition to an indoor bouquet.

One of the hardiest peruvian lilies alstroemeria aurea is a tuberous perennial with terminal clusters of small brilliant orange or golden yellow orchid like flowers often adorned with spotting and streaking. Dwarf alstroemerias with the label princess lilies are developed by dutch breeders. They belong to the family called amaryllidaceae.

The alstroemeria flower is also called peruvian lilylily of the incas or alstroemere. The alstroemeria is a genus from the alstroemeriaceae family. There are about 80 species native to south america with the greatest diversity in chile.

Mulching especially the first winter can make them hardy in colder zones than stated. Bringing a cheerful note to the garden they bloom profusely for weeks above a handsome foliage of lance shaped green leaves. The alstroemeria is native to south america and is commonly named peruvian lily or lily of the incas.

It is most recognized by its unique leaves which twist upside down and are said to associate the plant with the ups and downs of friendship. The fruit is a capsule with three valves. How to grow and care for peruvian lilies.